The best PS5 accessories in 2022

Ensure you have the optimal PlayStation 5 experience by introducing some of the best PS5 accessories as console companions

Recently purchased a PS5? These are the first accessories you're going to want to pair with Sony's powerhouse console...

PS5 DualSense

A truly brilliant pad. With the DualSense, games are more immersive when features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are adopted and incorporated into games' mechanics. 

Pulse 3D wireless headset

Sony's official PS5 headset is a top performer. Underneath that stylish frame you'll find the Tempest 3D AudioTech provides the best way to experience your new console's audio.

DualSense charging station

This charging station lets you juice up two PS5 controllers at once without needing to connect them to the hardware like they're leeches - and it's shaped like a tiny PS5 too. Nice!

PS5 media remote

The PS5's media remote is downright sexy. Its curvy, two-toned design is elegant, and the uncluttered button layout is easy to navigate. Stream a lot of Netflix? This is essential. 

PS5 HD camera

The accessory allows you to seamlessly add yourself to gameplay and streams, and the flowing, two-piece design is an improvement over the fairly basic PS4 camera. 

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