The best Netflix shows to watch in 2023

Our picks of the best Netflix shows you can watch right now

Shut out the dramas of the outside world by binging the best shows on Netlix...

Tim Burton's coming-of-age fantasy comedy stars Jenna Ortega as a teenage Wednesday Addams who enrolls at a centuries-old boarding school called Nevermore Academy.


For a long time, Neil Gaiman's The Sandman was thought to be unfilmable. And yet, here we are, with a fantastically faithful adaptation of the source material.

The Sandman

Like the original Vikings series, Valhalla is bold, bloody, and brilliant. The first season crams so much action into the opening salvo, you'll wonder where the show goes from here.

Vikings: Valhalla

The mesmerizing Breaking Bad prequel aired its final season last year. The origin story of New Mexico's most corrupt lawyer is so brilliantly told, you could argue Saul Goodman's saga is actually more compelling than Walter White's.

Better Call Saul

This loving tribute to the Karate Kid movies has no right to be as good as it is. Knowing, witty, and filled with nods to the '80s classics, Cobra Kai delivers a killer karate good time.

Cobra Kai

An engrossing drama about money laundering that's filled with all the action, twists, turns, and WTF cliffhangers you'd come to expect from a top-tier Netflix series.


One of the best Netflix shows, with bloody and brilliant fight scenes, and an epic story told over multiple (though, sometimes confusing, timelines).

The Witcher

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