The best Netflix horror movies

Looking for a terrifying night in? These are our favorite horror films on the streaming service

Want to shriek until your throat is aching? Check out the best horror movies on Netflix...

CAM (2018)

The horror of having your digital presence stolen strikes at the heart of this truly creepy film. Penned by a former real-life cam girl, the sinister twists will mess with your head. 


Come for the chillingly wacky premise about murderous paintings, stay for the terrific ensemble cast... who appear to be having a bloody good time. A move that oozes camp. 


A horror movie that actually works at being hip. That's in large part thanks to the breezy cool of Samara Weaving, whose deliciously dark turn cements the pic as a playful riff on horrors past. 

HUSH (2016)

An inventive slice of horror that pits a deaf woman against a masked madman. Watching events unfold via her point-of-view, a truly soundless space, makes the film all the more terrifying. 


If you go down to the woods today... you'll probably be murdered in a horrific pagan ritual. The stale 'lost in nature' trope gets a much-needed shake up here thanks to hallucinogenic trips. 

HIS HOUSE (2020)

A timely tale of immigration and isolation anchored by the superb  performances of Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu. A subversive haunted house horror that's not to be missed. 

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