The Goriest Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities

By Sam Loveridge

Here are the ones we heart most...

6. Sub-Zero's

Sub-Zero is all about freezing his enemy's entire body bar their head, then pulls out his axe to unceremoniously remove their head. Then he turns their noggin to ice too. Chilling.
INPUT (mid range): back, forward, back, triangle

5. Scorpion's You're Next

A master of his tools, Scorpion cuts his foe in half with fire, leaving their spine intact. As if that wasn't enough, he then chops off their head only to drive his chain weapon through it. 
INPUT (long range): back, down, down, square/X

4. Kotal Kahn's Kat Food

Khan's all about transforming into a huge panther, and slicing his enemy's flesh until he can bite the vital organs out of them like snacks. Sounds... delicious
INPUT (close range): back, forward, back, forward, square/X

3. Geras' Phasing Through Time

Getting stronger each time you defeat him, Geras is all about moving through time to keep hitting the enemy from different angles. The result is mind-blowing.
INPUT (mid range): back, down, down, X/A 

2. Cetrion's Good and Evil

You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this Elder God's fatality, which involves sending down a punishingly focused beam of light from space.
INPUT (mid range): back, down, back, X/A

1. Liu Kang's Belly of the Beast

In the goriest game of Fruit Ninja ever, Liu Kang uses a series of kicks to dismember his foes before smashing their bits to pulp with his nunchucks. We thought you were chill Liu! 
INPUT (mid range): back, down, back, forward, triangle/Y

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