The best Kirby games to adventure through

With almost 30 years of adventures, here's our pick of Kirby's best titles

Celebrate the pink puffball's 30th anniversary by waddling down memory lane to relive his greatest games...

Kirby's debut on the N64 didn't rock the gaming world, but it did carry the Kirby flame forward in some new and innovative ways - like with its 2.5D environments.

7. Kirby 64: The Krystal Shards

Platform(s): N64

There's a reason this delightfully colorful adventure is so much like Krystal Shards: development started right after Kirby 64. Yes, it really did take 11 years to make.

6. Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Platform(s): Wii

Kirby really brought the Wii U to life with this claymation offering. In Paintbrush, you draw out Kirby's path through stages and shield him from foes using the Wii U touchpad.

5. Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush

Platform(s): Wii U

Yarn took full advantage of its unique look, incorporating the game's arts-and-crafts aesthetics into every aspect of gameplay. Items crinkle, backgrounds fold, and enemies fall apart.

Platform(s): Wii, 3DS

4. Kirby's Epic Yarn

A loving ode to Kirby's 1996 SNES outing, Kirby Super Star Ultra is dripping with fan service, reminding us why we've grown to love Nintendo's puffball over the years.

Platform(s): Nintendo DS

3. Kirby Super Star Ultra

In 2016, Kirby landed on the 3DS in a memorably mechanized way. Robobot makes the most of the handheld's 3D functionality to deliver a platforming adventure that plays around with depth of field.

Platform(s): 3DS

2. Kirby: Planet Robobot

With more open platforming, a mystery setting with visually striking stages, and a host of features, Forgotten Land is the iconic blob's finest ever hour.

1. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Platform(s): Switch
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