The best handheld consoles of all time

We take a look back on the best handheld consoles over the years

We've been gaming on the go for decades now thanks to the genius of the best handheld consoles, and here are our very favorites...

7. Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS is one of Nintendo's most successful handhelds, becoming so ubiquitous in popular culture that it even found its way into the Louvre in Paris to be used as a museum guide.

6. PSP

Launching around the same time as the DS, the PSP's LCD screen really showed the power of the handheld. That it was internet-capable and could play movies showed how forward looking PSP was.

5. Nintendo DS

First released in late 2004, the Nintendo DS was a truly innovative design that ushered in a new era with its dual screens and stylus controls.

4. Game Boy

It really cannot be understated just how influential the original Game Boy was. The system landed in 1989, kickstarting what would become a growing market for handheld machines.

3. PS Vita

The PS Vita was a beautiful handheld not only in terms of its design but in the many features and functionalities it supported. That gorgeous OLED display was so ahead of its time.

2. Nintendo Switch

Another hugely innovative handheld from Nintendo, the Switch is a fantastic hybrid machine that can act as both a handheld and a home console thanks to its nifty dock.

1. Steam Deck

This truly is a portable PC, giving you access to your Steam library wherever you are in the world.  Valve's first handheld is a total triumph.

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