The best GTA games

From crime sprees to reckless driving, we rank the best Grand Theft Auto titles from worst to best. 

It feels like we've been waiting forever for GTA 6. While we wait for Rockstar's next sandbox to be announced, why not play through the best GTA games...

5. GTA 3

One of the most influential games ever. GTA 3 laid the groundwork for every 3D open-world game to follow. The driving and shooting are a bit shonky by 2021 standards, but Liberty City is still bursting with personality. 


A timeless masterpiece. Set in a fictional early '90s California, San Andreas vastly expanded on the scope of Vice City by giving you an entire virtual state to lose yourself in. 

3. GTA 4

Niko's Liberty City remains one of the most detailed game worlds ever created. This dark tale of an immigrant chasing the American Dream brought GTA into the HD era with improved shootouts, and more nuanced car handling. 


One word sums up Vice City: style. It nails a time and era better than any other GTA, with its 1980s recreation of Miami buzzing with life and color. Rockstar's most instantly evocative title.   

1. GTA 5

Not just the best GTA, but one of the greatest games of all time. Giving you control over three criminal chums, GTA 5's mesmerizing take on L.A., and its Heat-inspired heists, make this Blaine County bloodbath a masterpiece.   

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