The best free Xbox Series X games

Here are some of the best free Xbox Series X games you can play for zero bucks

When it comes to the best free Xbox Series X games, there's something out there for nearly everyone...

Halo Infinite isn't just one of the best Halo games of all-time, it's also free-to-play! Well, at least its brilliant multiplayer is.

Halo Infinite

The squad-based shooter’s endearing characters, and defined skill classes are why it's maintained a solid player base for the last few years.

Apex Legends

The gloriously silly obstacle course game is now free to play, and while it may not be quite as popular as when it first launched, Fall Guys is still a hoot and a half to fall about in.

Fall Guys

Rocket League set the gold standard for vehicular sports games when it first released, and it has only continued to be popular since transitioning to free-to-play in late 2020.

Rocket League

This family-friendly brawler has multiple different modes where dodgeball maniacs take each other on in teams or free-for-all matches.

Knockout City

Even with Halo Infinite doing its best to re-capture its arena shooter roots, Splitgate feels like a more mechanically faithful interpretation of the Halo 3 era. Those portals are quite the hook, too.


This ace battle royale drops 150 players into a map then lets them shoot holes in each other with the refined FPS prowess we’ve come to expect from the enduring shooter series.

Call of Duty Warzone

Expect a host of weapons, modes, activities, and a whole lot of general space opera shoot ‘em up gubbins in Bungie's sci-fi epic.

Destiny 2

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