The best free Steam games

There's a whole host of free Steam games out there, but these are some of the best

Weeding out the best free Steam games from the list of literally thousands is a scary task, but here goes...

Building out of the fast-paced world of the Titanfall series, Apex's movement and gunplay are as slick and exciting as you'd expect. A brilliant battle royale.

7. Apex Legends

It's not technically a free game, but there's enough on offer within just the trial version of Final Fantasy 14 that it'll keep you busy far longer than many of the other games on this list.

6. Final Fantasy XIV trial

It might be drawing in on its third decade, but the monstrously huge space MMO shows no signs of slowing down. The free version limits the ships you can fly, yet there's still so much content here.

5. Eve Online

Valve's take on the MOBA phenomenon remains one of the best examples of the genre, crafted by the people who helped start the entire craze.

4. Dota 2

Mixing Diablo-style ARPG gameplay with detailed MMO architecture, Lost Ark swiftly hit one of the highest concurrent player counts in Steam's history.

3. Lost Ark

Destiny 2's more recent additions will set you back a little, but the base game, alongside older expansions, are available on Steam completely free.

2. Destiny 2

Even ten years on, CS:GO remains one of the most precise and clinical contemporary shooters at any price point, let alone those available for free.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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