The best Final Fantasy games

Our pick of the best entries in the legendary JRPG series

Final Fantasy is the most iconic and celebrated JRPG franchise in the history of video games. Here are our favorite entries...

8. Final Fantasy 9

A return to the quaint fantasy motifs of the NES games, FF9 is one of the series' most charming titles, mainly thanks to that wonderfully disarming art style. 

7. Final Fantasy 4

The SNES gem that marked FF's shift from a focus on character-building to operatic storytelling. This is when the series found its true voice. 

6. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

Boiling down Final Fantasy to its raw elements - character drama and battles - Tactics comes out like tempered steel. The most self-serious FF is also one of the best. 

5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A loving recreation of PS1's RPG icon that stays true to the spirit of the original. This redux is only made all the better thanks to its beautiful visuals.

4. Final Fantasy 14

FF14 has come a long way since 2010. A myriad of updates have elevated the game to the point where it's now one of the most beloved MMORPGs ever.

3. Final Fantasy 12

Wisely taking narrative cues from the original Star Wars, FF12 stole hearts thanks to its superb story and reimagined real-time battles. 

2. Final Fantasy 6

The last SNES Final Fantasy remains the only entry in the series to not only include every disparate element of the series in one game, but also feel flawlessly executed.

1. Final Fantasy 7

The most influential JRPG in the history of PlayStation introduced a whole generation of players to the role-playing genre thanks to Cloud. A timeless masterpiece. 

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