The best Far Cry games, ranked

From Primal to Far Cry 3, which entry in Ubisoft's shooter series claims our number one spot?

Looking forward to Far Cry 6? Relive the series' best entries as we count down the finest Far Cry games ever... 

7. FAR CRY (2004)

Perhaps the most free-form shooter of the early noughties, Far Cry was one of the first games to introduce sandbox mechanics into the FPS genre. 


One of the silliest spin-offs in history... and that's not a complaint. Embracing '80s culture, Blood Dragon goes big on deliciously cheesy music and a superbly stupid script. 

5. FAR CRY 4 (2014)

Expanding upon the outpost-liberating, animal-slaughtering action of Far Cry 3, this chilly follow-up delights in elephant-riding chaos.   

4. FAR CRY 2 (2008)

Ah yes, the one with all the fire. Far Cry 2 attracts a cult following unlike any other entry in the series. This brutal shooter loves to make you suffer. 

3. FAR CRY PRIMAL (2016)

The ultimate expression of Far Cry's obsession with animal sidekicks. This brilliant caveman detour remains the most experimental game in the series. 

2. FAR CRY 5 (2018)

Far Cry's first trip to the States results in an ace free-form sandbox that stands tall as one of the best open-world shooters of the PS4/Xbox One generation.

1. FAR CRY 3 (2012)

C'mon, were you expecting anything else? Jason Brody's sun-kissed sandbox is simply one of the greatest, most influential shooters of all time. 

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