The best Disney Plus shows to watch in 2023

These are the best shows on Disney Plus, from Andor to Daredevil

If you're looking for the best shows on Disney's streaming service, we've got you covered...

Set during the pre-A New Hope days as the Rebellion finds its feet, Andor is a gritty spy thriller that puts Diego Luna's revolutionary front and center of a riveting ensemble piece.


If you're a Beatles fan, then look no further than Peter Jackson's epic documentary on the band. In true Jackson style, it's unapologetically long but brilliant.

The Beatles: Get Back

After being on Netflix for over five years, the brooding and brutal Daredevil is finally on Disney Plus. Featuring lots of fighting, blood, and swearing, it's not one to introduce the kids to.


The first ten or so seasons of Matt Groening's iconic cartoon series produced some of the best television of all time. Thankfully, said golden era of this TV titan remains as funny as ever.

The Simpsons

Rather than being a simple puff piece, the series offers a glance behind the curtain at Disney, marking an educational historical document that should stand the test of time well.

The Imagineering Story

Moon Knight doesn't revolutionize the studio's formula, but it does offer perhaps the most cohesive and best start to a Marvel Disney Plus series so far.

Moon Knight

Can we call it the ultimate X-men TV series? It’s relatively faithful in copying the look and feel of the comics at the time, and makes perfect use of a familiar lineup of heroes.


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