The best consoles and hardware of all time

We asked you to vote on the 20 best game consoles and hardware of all time – the results may surprise you

GamesRadar+ readers voted on the best consoles and hardware of all time recently. Here are the results...

10. Nintendo DS

It may have started off as a "third pillar" for Nintendo in 2004, but the DS quickly became a dominant force in the games industry. It ultimately outsold the combined totals of both the GameCube and Game Boy Advance. 

Year: 2004 | Manufacturer: Nintendo

9. Nintendo 64

The N64 arrived with a controller complete with analogue stick to allow for precise 3D input, and a game that could take full advantage of it in Super Mario 64. It forever changed the way we play games. 

Year: 1996 | Manufacturer: Nintendo

8. Sega Dreamcast

A machine ahead of its time. Launching in 1998 with a modem to support online-play, and a memory card that could double up as a rudimentary handheld console, it was a bold, truly brave system. 

Year: 1998 | Manufacturer: Sega

7. Nintendo Wii

Moulded around a unique, instantly accessible controller and bolstered by robust motion technology, the Wii delivered a gaming experience like no other system of the time.

Year: 2006 | Manufacturer: Nintendo

6. Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 met the moment. It ushered us into the HD-era and into a world where broadband was becoming commonplace, putting greater fidelity and online multiplayer at the centre of its platform.

Year: 2005 | Manufacturer: Microsoft

5. PlayStation

The PS1 changed the shape of the entire video game industry, taking gaming into the mainstream with such force that it became the first console to sell over 100 million units.

Year: 1994 | Manufacturer: Sony

4. PlayStation 4

The PS4 has one of the strongest first-party offerings in Sony's history, while it also rectified the overpriced sins of the multimedia-focused PS3. 

Year: 2013 | Manufacturer: Sony

3. Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Few consoles can boast of a library as iconic as the SNES', a home console that is as impactful as it was ultimately influential. 

Year: 1990 | Manufacturer: Nintendo

2. PlayStation 2

The reason the PS2 sold 155 million units is because of its wildly diverse catalogue of games – from blockbusters like GTA 3 to weirder experiments like Katamari Damacy. Its legacy is undeniable. 

Year: 2000 | Manufacturer: Sony

1. PC

As home consoles rise and fall through generations, the PC remains a constant. It has survived it all, through big-boxed floppy disk games to the shift into digital distribution that is so prevalent today. 

Year: 1981 | Manufacturer: Various

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