The best Apple Arcade games to play in 2022

The best Apple Arcade games that you need to play today

Looking for a new game to sink your teeth into? Say no more, because Apple Arcade has an incredible selection of games to keep you busy...

An adventure about curiously pushing forward. Follow the hero as they courageously walk into a new world filled with deadly monstrous furniture, ghosts, and strange bird people.

7. Creaks

A visually stunning game with hand-painted visuals and dynamic gameplay, where you swing through a jungle that is being destroyed due to environmental changes.

6. Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

If you love the original 2D Sonic game, you're going to adore this endless runner. Speed past obstacles and enemies in the classic Sonic racecourses filled with loops and barriers.

5. Sonic Dash+

This rouge-like adventure is great fun. Death in this game means starting over from the beginning. However, each level is random to keep the game fresh and exciting. 

4. Shovel Knight Dig

The sense of gratification as you repair broken items as a small town antique restorer in this game in unmated - especially as the items hold huge significance to their owners. 

3. Assemble with Care

Being shrunk down to the size of an ant poses a lot of difficulty and fun, and that's what you get with this enchanting platform runner.

2. Rayman Mini

Lego Builder is such a peaceful experience. Sometimes puzzlers can be infuriating, but this game creates a soothing atmosphere with its music and beautiful visuals.

1. Lego Builder's Journey

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