Back 4 Blood guide: 6 must-know tips

Outlast the undead hordes of the open beta with our handy guide

Checking out the beta for this Left 4 Dead-style co-op shooter? These tips will help you blast the Ridden to ribbons...

1. Avoid startling the birds

Disturbing a flock of birds in B4B is almost as big a mistake as showing a seagull your sandwich. Doing anything to upset birds will cause the horde to descend on you, so creep past them. 

2. Watch out for alarmed doors and cars

Watch out for the doors with big security alarm warnings on them. Don't open them, but shoot or melee them to shards instead. Avoid shooting cars too, as their alarms will signal the Ridden.

3. Listen out for the sounds of Retch

The sickly Retch will vomit acid over you to cause serious damage, so listen out for its dry-retching. Shoot him so he blows up before he can blow chunks. 

4. Don't disturb the Sleeper pods

If you hear the sound of cute sleeping noises, be extra on edge... there's a Sleeper nearby. These tiny Ridden sleep on sack pods on walls, and the moment they spot you, they'll pin you down.

5. Aim for the glowing parts on the Bruiser and Crusher

The gangly Bruiser with his oversized arm and the Crusher with his duo of huge arms, are both very good at rushing your squad. If you can, shoot their glowing weak spots before they wipe you out.

6. Listen out for squelches

Stay alert for squishy noises if you want to avoid the snot-life projectile of a Stinger. These parkouring Ridden bounce around, clinging to buildings and flinging gross stuff at you to deal damage. 

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